Sleep is a Key Element in a Baby's Development
Introducing Ahgoo App: a baby monitor in your pocket. Provide yourself with some you-time, while giving your baby healthy uninterrupted sleep.
Watch how the app works
Easier to carry. Harder to forget
Digital parents are tech-savvy, but that should not mean literally carrying technologies around. Hardware of modern smartphone can easily replace original baby monitors.
Watch and listen
Ahgoo uses the mic and camera of the mobile device and can run either in an audio or video mode
Ahgoo uses the mic of the device to track noise level and sends notification if the level is too high
No bulky equipment
All you need a couple of iOS or Android mobile devices
Ahgoo works everywhere
Stay connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, or Edge, and no matter how many walls, concrete structures, or miles there are between you and your baby, you can see and listen to her, even if you are on a business trip in another country.
You just need four steps
We wanted to make the simplest baby monitor ever. That is why you can start monitoring with Ahgoo in roughly 5 minutes after you have finished reading these lines.
Ahgoo is cross-platform: one device can be an Android one and the other one iOS based
Start Ahgoo on both devices. Make sure your devices are connected to the Internet
Ahgoo guides you through the connection procedure, that takes no more than 5 seconds.
Leave one device in the baby's room, the other one will show you what is going on in there.
Family stays together
Ahgoo allows several Parent devices to be connected to one Baby device, so both mother and father can watch their baby sleep.
Watch every rustle
You can adjust noise sensitivity and watch the noise level in the baby's room visualised. You will not miss even the slightest noise.
Happy parents raise happy children, so treat yourself!
Parenting is a tough job, but seeing your kid's smile beats everything. Children repeat everything we do and mimic all our feelings. If we are stressed and frustrated so they are. Get rid of bad emotions through your favourite hobby, meditation, or spending time with your partner, while Ahgoo keep an eye your baby.
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